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Protect Your Family and Pets From Those Annoying Pests All Year Long!

Our insect misting system can protect your home, your business, playgrounds, barns, restaurants, and much more. Our custom designed automatic insect misting system can let you once again enjoy your home and backyard areas outdoors.

From 1999 to Current, 44,000 human cases of West Nile Virus have been reported to the CDC. During just one Texas outbreak in 2012 1900 cases were reported in Dallas Ft Worth alone.

Insects Don't Like Us! Don't Let Them Bug You!

What is an Insect Misting System?

An insect misting system is a series of spray nozzles that are attached to the structures such as homes, fences, barns, etc. and when the timer activates the motor, the nozzles spray a very fine mist of our insect misting solution. The timer is generally set to spray four times a day for 30 seconds.

The system itself is made up of a motor, pump, nylon tubing, and timer. These components are mounted to the top of a 55-gallon drum filled with our misting solution.