Insect Misting System Safety

How Safe Is Our Product?

We proudly carry the leading insecticide that has been specifically formulated for insect misting systems for over 40 years. There is no other company that can say that. Pyranha’s formulations have been providing a reliable, effective and economical method of automatic insect control in and around structures ever since.

Today, Pyranha uses its more than 40 years of research & development and experience, and prides themselves on their commitment to quality.

Diluted, this product can effectively control a wide range of insects in and around your yard. One 64 oz. bottle can make up to 55 gallons and will effectively control flies, lice, ticks, beetles, mites, gnats and more in your yard.

What is Pyrethrum?

Pyrethrum is a plant based insecticide derived from a variety of common daisy. Pyrethrum is the primary ingredient in our insecticide.

Is Pyrethrum harmful?

Pyrethrum has shown to have low levels of toxicity to mammals. It is approved by the EPA for use in edible plants and fruits. Used properly according to label, Pyrethrum is not harmful (except to insects).

Will pyrethrum harm my pets?

In a word, no. Pyrethrum has been used in agriculture and equine applications for the last 40 years with no harmful effects.

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